Enjoy this video introduction of the major prophet Jeremiah, in-which the BibleProject.com breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought.

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Jeremiah announces that God will judge Israel’s sins with an exile to Babylon. And then, he lives through the horror of his predictions.

Runtime: 7m

Dr. Carly Crouch introduces Jeremiah, exploring the freedom it demonstrates we have to bring our anger and protests before God.

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“Jeremiah’s not afraid to be angry at God, to call out God, to call out to God, and to protest at what God has been asking Jeremiah to do.” – Carly Crouch

Runtime: 10m

Review PBPC Sermons and Studies of verses within the Book of Jeremiah:

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Sermon Series: God's People in Exile - Pastor Chris Coon, 2020