Mission Partners

We support various local and international Christian ministries through monthly donations from our missions’ budget.

Local Mission Partners

CityTeam – Oakland   

"a nondenominational Christian nonprofit, compassionately serving our neighbors experiencing homelessness, poverty, hunger and addiction"

Harbor House Ministries – Oakland  

"a multi-faceted Christian community development organization offering hope and transformation to thousands of under-resourced youth and families"

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship – University of California, Berkeley  

"we believe that God has called us to reach every corner of every campus"

Young Life – Oakland  

"introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith"

International Mission Partners

Alongside Ministries – Arjan Larashi, Albania

"We pray and labor toward the renewal of the Church in the post-Christian and secularized cultures of Europe and North America, coming alongside existing Churches, ministries and leaders to enhance what God is already doing."

Global Teams – Addis, Ethiopia

"To see the heart of Christ in the skin of every culture"