Enjoy a two-part video introduction of the Gospel of Matthew, in-which the BibleProject.com breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought.

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In Matthew, Jesus brings God’s heavenly kingdom to earth and invites his disciples into a new way of life through his death and resurrection.

Runtime: 15m

Dr. Tommy Givens introduces Matthew by emphasizing Jesus’ commitment to minister in local and everyday contexts.

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“The calling of Jesus according to the Gospel of Matthew invites us to invest our lives deeply in our own neighbors. . . to our own places. . . and to see all of the power of God’s kingdom to unfold there as opposed to imagining that it’s always far away.” – Tommy Givens

Runtime: 9m

Review PBPC Sermons and Studies of verses within the Book of Matthew:

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The Sermon on the Mount (bible study doc) Pastor Chris Coon, 2020