Welcome, Pastor Calvin Sodestrom!

Park Blvd Pres is delighted to announce our new Designated Pastor, Calvin Sodestrom.

You can reach Pastor Calvin at pastor@pbpc.org

On Saturday June 4th, 2022, we had a service to ordain and install me as the Designated Pastor at Park Boulevard.  This is an exciting day - not just for me, but for the whole church.

In the service on Saturday, we will be reminded that,

Today, we celebrate, not just one individual’s call to ministry, but that God calls all of us to follow Jesus, wherever we may find ourselves. Some into vocational ministry, but all of us into a reconciled relationship with God through Jesus Christ, for the renewal and restoration of all creation.

I think this is a profound truth that we often miss.  It is easy to fall into the thinking that pastors and ministers are the ones called into ministry - they are the ones who work at the church, have been trained to study Scripture, and are truly qualified to do the work of God.

But that's not how God operates.  God calls all people to follow Jesus; in following Jesus, we are called back into the world to minister to a world that desperately needs the life that is only found in him. So whether you are a school teacher, computer programmer, stay-at-home mother, accountant, and all or none of the above, you are called by God! God's call to all who follow Jesus is universal; it is the context of that call that changes from person to person.

My hope is that on Saturday, you will hear God's call on your own life. And together, as we all respond to God's call to each of us, we can journey together into the newness of life that is only found in Christ.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Calvin

It was a gift and a joy to be ordained and installed at Park Boulvard on Saturday.