Enjoy a two-part video introduction of the Gospel of John, in-which the BibleProject.com breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought.

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In John, Jesus becomes human as the incarnation of the creator God of Israel, to share His love and the gift of eternal life with the world.

Runtime: 17m

Dr. Marianne Meye Thompson introduces John, highlighting its key message that God offers life to all and that this life is embodied in the person of Jesus.

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“This is about life—the life that comes from God and is embodied in the person of Jesus.” – Marianne Meye Thompson

Runtime: 10m

Review PBPC Sermons and Studies of verses within the Book of John:

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Sermon Series: The Fruit of the Spirit - Pastor Chris Coon, 2020

Sermon Series: The Gospel of John - Pastor Chris, 2021