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PBPC goal: 30 shoebox builds by November 14th Learn More

Worship with us 11 am Sundays

4101 Park Boulevard, Oakland CA

We welcome you. Join us in-person or on Zoom:87825208402

“We are here to help people become committed to Christ, to each other and to sharing the Good News.”

The mission of Park Boulevard Presbyterian Church is to glorify God by engaging minds and guiding hearts in a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

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History of PBPC

Video Series

Enjoy a video series on the 100+ year history of PBPC told through Pastor Chris Coon.

Check out our evolving PBPC History webpage.

Online Giving

Now on Venmo!

@ParkBlvd-Church is able to accept your offerings and will include them within your annual PBPC giving statement.

Venmo is provided as an additional online option.

Stewardship Letter

Faith Commitment Pledge

"God is doing great things in and through PBPC, and will continue to do so going forward. Can we count on your financial support in 2021? If you have not been a regular contributor, could you become one? If you have given regularly in the past, could you increase your giving to PBPC in the year ahead?

Please pray about these matters, then fill in your card by November 30."

PBPC Session

Holiday Message

Easter Blessings

"At 10:45am this morning, the church bell will ring, reminding our neighborhood and community that the church is alive!

May the good news and joy of the Resurrection fill your day today!"

Digital Church

Why Digital Church

As in-person sermons are on-hold, church carries on.

Email, Zoom, YouTube and now PBPC.org


Sunday Service on Zoom or by phone 11 am

"With the latest advisories and restrictions regarding COVID-19, we are canceling our on site Sunday worship services until further notice.

I encourage all of you to continue to put your trust in the Lord and to pray for one another."

Pastor Chris

Sunday Service at 11 am

Join us online via Zoom: Sundays at 11am (phone only option)

Watch us on YouTube

Sermon Series

Who Christ Is

The Colossians were starting to lose their way, so Paul wrote to them to remind them of just exactly Who Christ Is.

Join Pastor Terry as he takes us through the book of Colossians starting Aug 1st, 2021.

Pastor message

Farewell message

Pastor Chris has served PBPC for 9 years. A pastoral calling has called his wife Shannon to southern California. May God bless their callings, always.

Thanks for all the years!

Sermon Series

Sunday Sermon series starting January 2021, on the Book of John

Christmas Eve service

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The Christmas Story told through lessons and carols

Watch now

Sermon Series

Sunday Sermon series starting September 2020, on the book of Acts

Sermon Series

Enjoy the 8 part Sunday Sermon series from July - August 2020, on the book of Daniel

Digital Church

Announcing PBPC.org/Bible

We hope this will renew your discovery of the Word and bring additional insights to PBPC content. As PBPC.org/Bible is anchored around PBPC content, additional books of the Bible will be added as PBPC content is released.

Sermon Series

Enjoy the 9 part Sunday Sermon video series from April - June 2020 spanning the books of Galatians, John, 1 Peter, Luke, Acts, and Romans

- Pastors Thoughts -

"The fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control) is more than a list of positive personality traits; this is nothing less than a description of the character of God as demonstrated to us in Jesus Christ."

YouTube for Park Boulevard Church

Short Sunday sermons with a good message

Join us on Zoom 11am Sundays

Donation Drive

PBPC goal: 30 shoebox builds by November 14th

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Daily devotional

Lent starts Feb 17th

The season of Lent is the 40 days leading up to Easter, a time for believers to reflect, to repent of our sins, and draw closer to Jesus as we move towards the celebration of the Resurrection.

Daily devotional

Advent starts Nov 30th

The season of Advent is the four weeks leading up to Christmas, a time for believers to reflect and prepare ourselves afresh for the coming of Jesus into the world and into our lives.

Bible Study

"I want to thank you all for being a part of this Discipleship Bible Study. I've enjoyed our continuing conversation and the opportunity to grow together as followers of Jesus.

Blessings as we continue on this journey of faith,"

Pastor Chris

Donation Drive

- Thank you -

"PBPC built 50 shoeboxes this year, surpassing our goal by 25%! What a great way to start the holiday season!"

Adult Sunday Class

New Book Study

Our Adult Sunday Class has begun a new book study on Discovering Your Spiritual Identity, by Trevor Hudson. Our class meets each Sunday at 9:30am on Zoom

Digital Church

Announcing continued conversations

A continued conversation email address will be generated for each Sermon Series and Bible Study group, which will allow for (and encourage - we hope) congregant and public participation at any time thereafter: hours, days, months later.

Bible Study

"Dear Friends,

Thank you for joining us for our Discipleship Bible Study.


Pastor Chris

Pastor-led small group fellowship

In-person and online

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As a Christian church, we hold to these core beliefs:

God, the Father

infinite, immortal and invisible, is the Creator of all that is, including people. We are made in His image and likeness. (Genesis 1:1, 26, 27)

God, the Son

Jesus of Nazareth was fully human and fully God. (John 11:35; John 1:14) He laid down His life as the ultimate sacrifice. He paid the price for our redemption and is alive today! Through faith in Jesus, our sins are forgiven and a relationship with God the Father is established. (I John 1:8, 9) Jesus died and was raised from the dead on the third day (Luke 24:1-12; Acts 1:1-3).

God, the Holy Spirit

is the Comforter and source of power for the believer. He is the promise of the Father and was sent to the early church as believers were gathered in the upper room on the day of Pentecost. (Acts 1:8)

The Bible

is God's written Word to us. His Word is the final authority in our lives. (II Timothy 3:16, 17)

The Apostles' Creed

is foundational for our faith in Christ

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Mission Partners

We support various local and international Christian ministries through monthly donations from our missions’ budget.

Local Mission Partners

CityTeam – Oakland

"a nondenominational Christian nonprofit, compassionately serving our neighbors experiencing homelessness, poverty, hunger and addiction"

Harbor House Ministries – Oakland

"a multi-faceted Christian community development organization offering hope and transformation to thousands of under-resourced youth and families"

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship – University of California, Berkeley

"we believe that God has called us to reach every corner of every campus"

Young Life – Oakland

"introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith"

International Mission Partners

Alongside Ministries – Arjan Larashi, Albania

"We pray and labor toward the renewal of the Church in the post-Christian and secularized cultures of Europe and North America, coming alongside existing Churches, ministries and leaders to enhance what God is already doing."

Global Teams – Addis, Ethiopia

"To see the heart of Christ in the skin of every culture"

Free Burma Rangers – Dave Eubank, Burma, Iraq and Sudan

"supplies and coordinates Ranger teams to help provide emergency medical care, shelter, food, clothing and human rights documentation"

In addition...

Park Blvd Church participates in Operation Christmas Child, with Samaritans Purse, where we send shoe boxes filled with toys and practical items to children overseas for Christmas.

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Church Partnerships

We are in ministry partnership with various ministries and churches, making Park Blvd Church a worship center, and a community center as well for the Glenview neighborhood.

9am Sundays

Christ Church East Bay meets here for worship and fellowship

2pm Sundays

Bay Area Chin Christian Fellowship meets here for worship and fellowship


Located in the scenic Glenview District of Oakland, Park Boulevard Church is a great place to host your community events.

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Give to PBPC online

or mail checks to

Park Boulevard Presbyterian Church

4101 Park Blvd

Oakland, CA 94602

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