PBPC Summer 

Concert is Coming!

Sunday, August 30th, we will have a delicious lunch after the worship service and then the concert will begin!

Ice cream will be served at the end of the show.

Bring your friends and neighbors!

Sunday at Park Blvd. Church

4101 Park Blvd, Oakland, 94602
  • 9:15 am: Adult Sunday School Class in the Café

  • 10:45 am - Nursery Care for 0 to 4 years old

  • 11:00 am – Worship in the PBPC sanctuary
    Our worship is an energizing blend of traditional and contemporary worship styles. The preaching is based on the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible and the teaching is applied to our daily lives.

  • 11:15 am - Children are released to go to their classes.

  • 12:15 pm: Café fellowship, refreshments and conversation - a great time to get to know one another and share your story while breaking bread together.

A Note from Pastor Chris



Thanks for checking out Park Boulevard Presbyterian Church. As a congregation, we are celebrating 100 years in the Glenview neighborhood of Oakland. We are a diverse community of individuals, brought together by the love of Jesus Christ and seeking to grow together in our relationship with God through worship, Bible study, and service. Whether you are a spiritual seeker or a committed Christian looking for a church home, I invite you to join us on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am at Park Blvd. You will be warmly welcomed!

Pastor Chris Coon




Sunday Morning Adult Class

Join us for a series - “Gospel in Life:  Grace Changes Everything”   by author and pastor Timothy Keller.  This is a study on the Gospel and living it out in all of life:  our hearts,  community, and the world. 

Sunday, 9:15 am Sunday Mornings in the Café with coffee & refreshments.


All are Welcome!

What is Perspectives?

 In the spring of 2015, Perspectives will be offered on Sunday evenings from 6:00 to 9:00 pm on January 11 through May 17, hosted at Moraga Valley Presbyterian Church. In order to promote cross-denominational perspectives and increase the richness of the course, participants from all churches are sought, invited, and welcomed to attend.  Discount available for early registration.

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement is an advanced discipleship course for serious Christians.  It seeks to understand the heart of God, encouraging students to go deep and go out.  Over 15 weeks, this course studies four perspectives on the Kingdom of God.  It begins with the Biblical perspective:  the Biblical foundations for establishment and growth of the Kingdom of God, beginning in Genesis and continuing through Revelation.  It examines the historical perspective, the history of the world from God’s perspective – how has He advanced the Kingdom in every different age.  It explores the cultural perspective, how to understand the gospel in ways that are compelling for different cultures, not compromising the gospel, but also not insisting on western cultural values as part of the package.  And finally it presents the strategic perspective.  How can we join what God is doing and participate in Kingdom advance and what are strategies for doing it more effectively?  This includes concepts like ‘unreached people groups’, ‘heart language,’ mandate for justice, and business as mission.  The course is presented using a curriculum developed by the US School of World Missions, a textbook of collected essays, journal articles and book selections from many leading authors, and a different (live) pastor, professor or missionary lecturer every week.


Here are links to a couple of youtube videos that give an overview and some testimonials:








There is more about the course on its website www.perspectives.org. For more about the Moraga class, who its guest lecturers are, and to register for the class, visit the class website at https://class.perspectives.org/Visitor/Public.aspx?ClassId=432449.